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My First Raspberry Pi

Earlier this week my first Raspberry Pi arrived by mail. What a great little device. I intend to use it to replace my Mac Mini. That Mac is currently running an openHAB server. Where the previous model B was said to be somewhat slow for larger openHAB installations, the hardware specs of this new Raspberry Pi 2 model B have increased. I expect it to be faster and fast enough forĀ  my purposes.

To get it up and running, I downloaded the latest Raspbian and installed it on an SD card using the command line installation instructions for Mac. I had to wait impatiently for the dd command to finish, since the disk image is 3GB in size.

After I inserted the SD-card I immediately plugged in the network cable and the power adapter and let the Pi boot. How satisfying those LEDs looked.

To complete the initial installation I SSH’ed to the Pi from a Terminal with command

ssh pi@<ip-address>

to run the configration tool (where \<ip-address> is the dynamically assigned IP4 address e.g. “x.x.x.x”)

sudo raspi-config

In the tool I expanded the file system to all of my 16GB flash card, changed the default password for the ‘pi’ user and used theĀ  internationalisation option to set the locale to ‘nl-UTF8’ en the timezone to ‘Europe/Amsterdam’.

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